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#118 TST Trio Elk Diaphragms

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This multi pack makes this an easy decision for those who prefer our TST diaphragms. We have put together a 3 pack of the 3 most popular calls in our lineup of TST diaphragms. The #110 Rock Star, The #111 All-American and the #112 Mistress all in one package.

ROCK STAR (Black / Intermediate) - This call will make the bugles of a satellite or herd bull. It can cow call with that nasal sound as well. #110

ALL AMERICAN (White / Advanced) - This call will make very aggressive challenge bugles as well as the nasally sounds of a cow in estrus. #111

MISTRESS (Pink / Novice) - This call is made to recreate those soft and calming cow sounds. It will also bugle like a spike or younger bull. #112

The “Slotted Dome TST” elk diaphragm call is designed to be placed further forward in your mouth, behind your front teeth, this helps to prevent gagging and gives you easier control of the latex. To operate the call, place the “Slotted Dome” upwards to the roof of your mouth, latex down and open end of the diaphragm towards the front of your mouth.