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InnoRack - INH120

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InnoRack - INH120

The InnoRack INH120 hitch rack has a capacity for two(2) ebikes and is built for carrying your ebike on the many adventures that lie ahead.  The InnoRack INH120 is a revolutionary eBike carrier that secures your ebike without touching the bike frame or fork and is a great option for semi-fat and fat tire ebikes. The rack is foldable when not in use and includes an easy-to-use lever to tilt the rack down, allowing access to the trunk of the vehicle with a bike on the rack.  InnoRack INH120 includes a hitch adapter, making it compatible with both a 1 ¼” and a 2” receiver. Rack comes with a lock, keys, and security cables for both the bike hitch and bike.