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Madison Tipi

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The Madison Tipi is a lightweight option, providing the most room possible from the VIAM Outdoors lineup.

This shelter boasts a 9.5'x9.5' footprint, making it capable of housing 4 men. Pair this with a lightweight titanium stove, and you will be comfortable all year round!

We recommend using this with our carbon fiber pole that comes in at 6.3oz! You can also run this with other poles, as long as they go up to 6.5'.

***If the shelter is on hand, ready to ship, it will ship within 2 business days. Otherwise, the shelter is made to order and could take up to 4 weeks to be manufactured and shipped.

Feel free to ask any questions.

LiteOutdoors Titanium Stove Options- All stove will come with a 7' pipe.
12″ Stove

  • Weight (with 8′ stove pipe) – 2 lbs 4 oz.

  • Diameter – 8.25″

  • Fire Box Volume –  640 cubic inches

  • Stove Pipe Diameter – 2.5″

Package includes:

  • Cable rings for stove pipe (1 ring per 6″ of pipe)

  • Stovepipe damper

  • Stove body

  • Front and rear finished plates

  • 3 titanium rods to hold plates together

  • 4 legs

  • 2 protective storage bags; one for the end plates/hardware, and one for the stove body/stove pipe


Baffle: A baffle is a lightweight, titanium partition within the stove. It diverts the smoke and hot gasses from one side of the stove to the other side, then back again before exiting the stove pipe. This allows the hot gasses to burn completely, and also allows the stove to radiate more heat before that heat is lost up the pipe.

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