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Thermal Battery Jacket

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Thermal Battery Jacket

Bakcou has solved the problem for those of us that love to ride our bikes when temperatures drop.  Unfortunately, those cold temperatures cause a drop in battery efficiency.  Ebike batteries should maintain a core temperature of 50-75 degrees fahrenheit for optimal performance. The Bakcou Battery Jacket is not only intended to help control the temperature of your battery, but it is also constructed of a water repelling fabric, to help keep your battery dry in wet conditions.

The Bakcou Battery Jacket is intended to wrap around your Bakcou eBike battery to maintain the temperature of the individual lithium ion cells during those cold daysights on the mountain or in the field. The heating element is intended for warming the battery and should NOT be used while riding except during those first few minutes while you help the battery reach an optimal operating temperature. Leave the Bakcou Battery Jacket on if outside temperatures drop below 50 degrees fahrenheit but remove it when temperatures rise to over 50 degrees fahrenheit. Keep your Bakcou Battery Jacket on your bike with the heating element on the lowest setting during those icy cold days while in the field or in your treestand/blind.